Walk-through Audit & Recommendation Introduction  

When the day comes to perform the audit, the IAC group will arrive at the facility in the morning. There will be an introductory presentation by someone at the company to help the IAC get familiar with what products are made, safety procedures required, and information about the facility itself. This will be followed by a one-to-two hour tour of the facility. During this time, the specific systems will be identified and preliminary questions will be asked. It is not necessary to complete the checklists at this time, but it will help understand the system better by reading the checklist and the best practices. The IAC will stay together for most of this tour

During the lunch break, the IAC will discuss its findings so far, and teams can brainstorm with each other to come up with some initial recommendations. During this time, the checklists should be prepared, and the best practices reviewed. During the afternoon touring session, the group may split up into groups, but only if there is enough staff available to escort multiple groups. Checklists should be filled out and all data should be collected. The best way to do this is to interview engineers and the maintenance staff. They will often have many ideas of their own for improvements. These should be discussed along with the IAC’s best practices to get their opinion.

After the second tour, the group will prepare its initial findings and further discuss it with any available staff members. Keep in mind that the IAC performs audits to give manufacturing facilities a “fresh eye” to catch things that they take for granted. It may be difficult to get staff to agree with suggestions at first, but be positive and express the importance of energy savings. An official audit day timeline is shown below: